Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Officers and Force

When officers use force, particularly deadly force, it should be the high point of righteousness, devoid of improper hesitation and carried out with as much skill and vigor as the officer can generate.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Two Perspectives - One Conclusion

Chip and I approached the issue of Unconditional Respect from two totally different vantage points.
I was searching for that which would result in the most effective "way to be' toward others. My goal was safe, open, honest communication that would build; relationships, trust, synergy and the accomplishment of important goals.
Chip's goal was tactical safety and effectiveness for officers.
Primarily through our friends and authors; Gus and Diane Lee, "Courage: The Backbone of Leadership" we were exposed to the concept of unconditional respect.
Our divergent goals, met on this single point. Stick around and see for yourself what happens when you Unleash the Power of Unconditional Respect!

Where do you want to spend your time?

Those who choose to spend their time reacting to what has gone wrong – are doomed to spend all their time reacting to what has gone wrong.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Unleashing Respect New Blog

This Blog is committed to:

· Assist organizations in building a culture that is renowned for integrity and unconditional respect for all persons.
· Develop organizations with a safe, effective, proactive work force.
· Cultivate a culture where all team member’s creative energies and intellectual resources are released to produce exponential results that honor high core values and fulfill the organizations most important goals.