Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Justice and Compassion

These two concepts intersect at the noble roots of policing, and together provide solid foundation for Noble Courage.  Let us consider extreme lessons from history in hopes of better understanding these precious virtues.
Justice - Tyrants argue that justice is obtained by enforcing all their laws with cool, calculated precision.  Bullies and thugs derive twisted satisfaction from being enforcers of the despot’s tyranny.  Could desperate times ever create a breeding ground open to a “Hitler-esk” siren call, hypnotizing the masses in America?  If so, the “thin blue line” of courage, running through the heart of every American Guardian, would stand strong to protect our society from lapsing into tyranny.  Humanity must never wait until tyranny is knocking at the door, to begin to sustain Noble Courage.  At that point, no one will be able to care, if or when people begin to care; it will simply be too late.  The courageous ones will be the outlaws; the “cops” will be the thug enforcers.
Compassion – Despots go through great pains to drain the sap of human compassion - from their minions first and ultimately from all who fall under their tyranny.  The most noble of guardian’s have a deep conviction in the exact opposite direction.  Noble guardians have an almost innate sense which harkens back to ancient times, calling them to a life style commitment.  This commitment is the driving force for them to develop and maintain individual STRENGTH.  At the same time, these noble guardians temper their strength, attending to the greater good with a pledge to selfless SERVICE, personal SACRIFICE and shared SUFFERING.  These character qualities merge in the noble guardian to produce empathy for others, with a commitment to justice and a strong desire to relieve suffering – this is Noble Courage.
Hold the line noble guardian while others rest secure.  Just remember when you face down street level suspects - value and honor them as people.  If you do this, these suspects will teach you a valuable lesson with every interaction.  The real difference between a noble guardian and a strong thug is an unwavering commitment to justice and compassion, which fosters and sustains - individual STRENGTH, selfless SERVICE, personal SACRIFICE and shared SUFFERING.  Waiver in these commitments and Noble Courage fades – a strong thug emerges.    

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  1. Chip and Jack, keep up the good work. Here's my take on what happens when unconditional respect is not the default police operating mode. http://improvingpolice.wordpress.com/2012/06/07/whoops-wrong-guy/